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Corporate Officers
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United-Guardian, Inc. ("United") is a diversified company that conducts research, product development, manufacturing, and marketing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetic ingredients, health care products, medical devices, and proprietary industrial products. Since its founding in 1942, the company has been granted over 30 patents, and now has a catalog of over 100 products in various stages of development.

In the past, United has almost exclusively emphasized research and product development.  Management is now committed to expanding the marketing of its extensive proprietary product portfolio.

Over the past few years, United has entered into marketing and supply agreements with some of the country's largest companies.  Probably its most significant is its marketing agreement with International Specialty Products ("ISP"), a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals and performance-enhancing products for personal care and other applications.  ISP is now marketing United's personal care products in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South and Central America, parts of Europe, and most of Asia, most notably China.  This marketing relationship has significantly expanded the market for United's products, which is expected to continue over the coming years.


At the present time United is actively marketing only 15-20 of its products. It has many other products that have been developed, or are in various stages of development. The company believes that many of these products have excellent market potential, but require outside marketing assistance. United is currently seeking partners to either market some of its products, or to enter into joint ventures with United to perform this function. United is also seeking companies interested in licensing, or purchasing outright, those products that have excellent market potential but which do not fit into United's current emphasis on the cosmetic and personal care field.

Click here to see examples of some of the products that are not being actively marketed by United at the present time, but are considered by United to have excellent market potential. Additional detailed information is available upon request for each of these products. For further information on the status of these products, please contact Ken Globus. For technical information, please contact Joe Vernice.


It is policy of United to comply strictly with all laws governing its operations, and to maintain the highest moral, legal and ethical standards. Accordingly, the company has adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that governs the actions of all of its employees and directors.  Any modifications to this Code will be promptly posted to this web site.


The charter for the company's audit committee can be found here.


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